2019 Accomplishments Made Possible by Generosity!

Generosity helps all residents at Westminster Canterbury Richmond by providing vital programming that is not possible otherwise. All residents benefit from these programs – not just those who can afford them. The best possible healthcare. Additional nursing staff to enhance the care we provide. Extensive clinical training so nurses know the right ways to respond. Recreation, exercise, art, music and horticulture – to engage those at all health and income levels. Excellent staff to care for their every need.

In this two-part series, we celebrate what was made possible in 2019 through generosity to Westminster Canterbury Foundation.

YOUR gifts to the Fellowship Program, the cornerstone of Westminster Canterbury, provide life care for seniors-in-need and are the basis for all our charitably funded programming.  In 2019, YOU helped 113 residents through Fellowship support, which includes housing, meals, medical care and vital living. Gifts to the Annual Fellowship Fund totaled $1,712,336 toward the annual Fellowship Program budget of around $4 million, which is also covered by restricted Fellowship Endowments.

YOUR gifts have allowed assistance to extend beyond our campus through Fellowship Outreach, a set of programs serving low-income seniors in greater Richmond. Thanks to our generous donors, including 153 staff who give and volunteer:

  • 22 seniors and families received wheelchair ramps.
  • 35 Friendship Café members received monthly programming in art, music and exercise.
  • Free health screenings are available to all 150 residents of Guardian Place.


To ensure Healthcare Excellence, our healthcare staff receive high-level training and education through our Clinical Educator and Nurse Preceptor Program, including a total of 3,859 hours in 2019! Many nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants comment that this program provided the best orientation, training and onboarding experience of their entire careers.

We thank you for your inspiring generosity in 2019!
Stay tuned to learn more about the incredible accomplishments made possible by generosity!

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