Our Fellowship Program

We invite you to help us, help others. Good financial decisions and frugal living are the bedrocks of responsible retirement planning. But even when you have done all you can, unexpected life circumstances often intervene, creating an uncertain future. Illness or a long life can make you come up short… Read More

Home Safety Tips!

Use light and assistive devices to keep you safe. We continue our focus on fall prevention with some simple measures from reviewing your medications to increasing your daily physical activities. According to the Mayo Clinic, fear of falling doesn’t have to rule your life when you put together a plan… Read More

Fall Prevention!

Get the facts to avoid a fall. Falling is perhaps the single biggest fear of a senior adult. We are all aware of what can happen if we accidently slip or miss a step. But for older adults, the results from a fall are more immediate and concerning. Here are… Read More

Healthy Dancing!

Healthy Dancing!

Doing the two-step might lead to better health. Are you a fan of “Dancing with the Stars?” Do you find yourself tapping your toes and swaying to the beat? Maybe you feel slightly envious of how much the contestants enjoy dancing and moving in sync with the rhythm. Join… Read More