2020: A Year of Profound Benevolence

In 2020, your support of Westminster Canterbury Foundation was inspiring! Despite the uncertainty and worry that plagued the year, you were wonderfully generous. Time and time again, you gave. When you felt it in your heart to do so. When you wanted to honor those who serve or those who shall be remembered because of your thoughtfulness. When you addressed the need without being asked and when you heard our call for action and answered it.

Thank you for making such a big difference in the lives of so many! With every gift, you supported Westminster Canterbury programs and services. You build security and peace of mind for all of our residents. You shored up strength for those who serve, and you enlivened our residents so they could experience vibrancy in new and innovative ways. Your faithful response continues to astound us, and we feel so honored and blessed by your grace and goodness.

Generous donors gave $4.3 million in 2020 to support all areas!
That. Is. Amazing!

We honor and celebrate your incredible generosity and all the wonderful things you made possible – life-saving assurance through our cornerstone Fellowship Program that provides financial aid to around 100 residents annually, protecting essential workers through education, safeguarding and caring for our residents through Healthcare Excellence, helping those who serve by giving to W·E·A·V·E (Workforce· Education· Assistance· Volunteerism· Engagement), the advent of the learning pod and virtual learning in our Child Development Center, livestream performances and partnership with Richmond Performing Arts Alliance, nourishing our spirits and supporting innovation to make the best life possible for our residents! To learn more, click here.

Thank you for your inspiring generosity!
Thank you for making the biggest difference for our residents!

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