All Saints’ Day Service of Remembrance

Each year the Westminster Canterbury Richmond Pastoral Care team hosts an All Saints’ Day Service of remembrance.  You are invited to join us for this service on November 5, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. in Cochrane Commons, as we remember and honor 89 residents and 4 board and staff members who have died since November 1, 2016.  It’s a special time for family and friends who come together to worship and hear the names of their loved ones read aloud.

One of our residents, The Rev. Canon Robert G. Hetherington, has participated in many of these services.  He describes the significance of this event to our community, “Naming all residents who have died in the previous year is a wonderful way for us to lift them up in prayer.  It reminds us of all the people who have contributed to the life of this place, people who have been part of the fabric of Westminster Canterbury Richmond.”

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