Westminster Canterbury Richmond residents live life well in many ways. Here’s one story of a current resident.

Resident Doris Woodson grew up admiring art, a subject she admits she knew little about. “I was always fascinated by this one piece of artwork at my uncle’s house. How could someone be so talented to create that?”

When Doris went to college, after stints studying pharmacy and biology, she realized that art was what she was meant to pursue. She earned her undergraduate degree from Xavier University and a master’s in art from Virginia Commonwealth University. After having children, she began teaching at Virginia State University.

“I never wanted to teach, but once I started, I realized it was exactly where I belonged.” Doris taught painting, drawing and art appreciation. She exhibited her award-winning work around Virginia and beyond, including shows at VMFA, the Mint Museum in Charlotte, and the Richmond International Airport.

Upon moving to Westminster Canterbury, Doris didn’t stop teaching! She volunteered by offering classes and workshops in our McGue-Millhiser Arts Studio, teaching painting and drawing. “It was wonderful to teach my fellow residents. People really wanted to learn and put lots of effort into it. Sometimes I had to convince them that their work was really special by matting, framing and hanging one of their pieces so they could see it. Then they were in awe of what they accomplished!”

Doris loves being at Westminster Canterbury. “I can’t think of one instance where I’ve been dissatisfied. I never could have anticipated how much I would enjoy it.” Now the teacher has become the student! Doris has taken several memoir writing classes and is writing her own memoir for her children and grandchildren.

Could childhood Doris have imagined how much talent for creating art, teaching and writing she would have in adulthood? Westminster Canterbury is a place where you can enjoy using your existing talents and discover new ones!

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