Attitude of Gratitude

This time of the year we turn collectively toward family and friends in thanksgiving for our many blessings. We look forward to enjoying traditional meals passed along through family traditions – and perhaps trying a new dish as well. It is a holiday to be enjoyed simply for practicing gratitude.

As good as that may sound, the real benefits of an attitude of gratitude are experienced when gratitude is practiced all year long.  A number of researchers have studied gratitude’s effects, discovering that those who practice gratitude show improvements in areas of health, social, personality, career and emotional wellbeing, as compared to peers who concentrate on life’s losses. In fact, taking even five minutes a day to take stock of what we’re thankful for can produce lasting value.

At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we’re grateful for so much.  Living purposeful, enriched lives of dignity.  Enjoying a wonderfully strong sense of community.  Deepening our lives spiritually. Learning and appreciating the joy of art and cultural experiences. Peace of mind knowing that no one will ever be asked to leave for financial reasons caused through no fault of their own. Happiness in welcoming neighbors into the community whose financial status would otherwise deny them a healthy retirement. Healthcare for each stage of life.  Yes, there is much to be thankful for.

In response to thanksgiving, many choose to give of themselves – as volunteers who give gifts of time and expertise, and as donors who give to ensure the best life possible for those on our campus and for many seniors-in-need beyond our gates.

As you celebrate this Thanksgiving, we hope you will strengthen a tradition of gratitude in your own lives.  As you do so, may you know joy and grace – given by the One who provides all good. Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Thankful Year!

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