Cat Walk for the Dogs!

Many Westminster Canterbury Richmond residents have adorable, furry companions who enjoy the spotlight from time to time. Their fifteen (or more) minutes of fame comes once a year at the well-attended Westminster Kennelbury! Residents and their dogs are assigned numbers and have fun strolling our outdoor “cat walk” while their audience of friends and neighbors are greeted by each lovable pup.

This year’s Westminster Kennelbury was socially distant and required masks but was just as enjoyable! Masks may have covered faces, but it wasn’t difficult to tell when there were smiles all around. The beautiful weather was an added bonus. Residents and their runway partners strutted along while our Manager of Life Enrichment, Whitney Woodruff, gave anecdotes and fun facts about each canine contestant. To end the event, every dog won a fun superlative and gained a round of applause. 

Just last year life at Westminster Canterbury involved full booklets of activities each day. While it has been challenging to adjust to the changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, events such as Westminster Kennelbury, live outdoor musical performances and bingo are still possible! With the hardworking departments and resident encouragement and cooperation, since March we have found many creative solutions to providing activities and memorable moments.

This was an extremely valuable experience for the residents, employees and the dogs! Visit our Facebook page  to view our latest Westminster Kennelbury photo album!

We recently opened our community to visitors. Click here to learn everything you need to know to visit your loved one.

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