Celebrating Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s 2020 Laurel Award Winners!

We are fortunate to live in a time when views on what aging and elderhood “should be” are changing for the better. Once thought of as a “last chapter” of life, a time to slow down and disengage, more and more people are embracing elderhood and aging as a time of renewal and life enrichment. So many seniors, now retired from paid employment, use this time to volunteer for causes about which they are passionate. Volunteering benefits not only the cause or organization but also the volunteers themselves.

At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, our residents are definitely active in elderhood, and this includes volunteering. We are so fortunate to have more than 500 residents and non-residents volunteer on campus. This week, we celebrated some extraordinary examples of volunteerism. Each year, Westminster Canterbury recognizes exceptional volunteers by presenting the Laurel Awards to those whose significant contributions of time and energy are well beyond the ordinary. Laurel Award winners have made a recognizable and positive difference within the Westminster Canterbury community.

We are honored to celebrate the 2020 Laurel winners!

(Back, left to right) Julia Klele, Glenn Graham, Sally Maynard. (Front) Ellen “Tommy” Thompson, Barbara Noe, Morehead Foard.

How do volunteers make a difference in your life? How can you honor those people you know who contribute so much yet expect nothing in return? Let’s celebrate all the wonderful volunteers we know, especially those who are embracing their elderhood as a time of giving back. We invite you to learn about volunteering at Westminster Canterbury Richmond!

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