Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is a time to be thankful, to look with wonder, to shine light in the darkness, to embrace hope. During this special season, we’re especially thankful for this community – a special place where people live and work, learn and grow together.

Westminster Canterbury residents are as varied as the stars above – each one unique and important. There are no stereotypes – no one way that passing years mold a single form with one descriptor.  Our residents are each interesting in their own ways, varied in their experience, wise in unique ways, generous, filled with purpose for various causes and overflowing with so many stories. Spending time with them is a rich experience and blessing, indeed.

Likewise, our employees are a wonder. Every day, we witness so many acts of dedicated kindness as they apply their own expertise and individual style to the many and varied services that make such a large and complex community hum.

Relationships in such a community take on a special meaning this time of year when generosity and joy amplify in intensity. Perhaps because this is a senior living community, we tend to pay attention to the precious gift of life itself. We revel in the season’s music and decorations and cherish traditions old and new. And as we embrace the wonder of this holiday season, our individual lights shine more brightly.

No matter your age, during this season, take a moment to appreciate each person in your life.  Celebrate their uniqueness – they are each a gift from God who loved us enough to come in person that first Christmas morning. We wish you a blessed Christmas and we thank you for sharing your lives with us!

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