Coming Together in Our Isolation

This has been a “holy season” like none other. While those of the Jewish faith were celebrating Passover—and Christians, Holy Week and Easter—we may feel more like we are still wandering in the wilderness rather than brought to the promised land or entered into resurrection joy. In this time of COVID-19 what we are to celebrate?

While we are unable to come together to share our grief, confusion and loneliness, we can still share our burdens and our hope.

These hardships have kindled a new sense of community and collective responsibility as we each do our part to keep each other safe. We are finding how strong and resilient we are as we learn to adapt to this “new normal.” Notes and phone calls of appreciation from residents and their families boost the spirits of staff. Even under the cloud of uncertainty about when we can all breathe a little more easily, we are holding steady, and we affirm the strength of this community. We are living out our strong roots of faith as we get through this.

Success often starts in struggle. The COVID-19 path is hard because it is so unknown. The path is messy, but it is holy.

In our struggle, we may feel more alone because we are more isolated. What, then, are we to celebrate? We are here for each other. God is here, too. Together, we’ll get through this.

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