Consider Adding Something Meaningful for Lent

Every year since 1996, Westminster Canterbury Richmond residents and staff write Lenten devotionals published in our annual Lenten Journey.  These beautiful booklets are printed and distributed to churches throughout the Richmond region.  The devotional is also available on our website.  The project’s purpose is beautifully described in the Introduction, written by the Rev. Dr. Jim King, Pastor and Head of Staff of Salisbury Presbyterian Church.  Here is what he says about the practice of daily Lenten devotion:

“By opening this devotional you are taking an important step in the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lent is the Season of Preparation for Easter. Planning and preparation for a major event are always a good thing. By reading this devotional daily you are participating in Lent.

Many people observe Lent by giving up something for the season. What they give up is usually desirable, something they will miss. The idea is to “go without” for 40 days, just as Jesus went without in the wilderness. Jesus went without food, so I should give up chocolate?  Some have tried to go without coffee; they were miserable, they made those around them miserable. Is that what Lent is supposed to do?

By opening this book you are adding a daily devotional (or adding something to your ongoing daily devotional time). Spending time daily reflecting upon Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is the best way to prepare for Easter. Do not to rush through this part of your day. Enter into this time with prayer, read and reflect upon the devotion, and then conclude your time with prayer.

You and those around you will be blessed by your taking the time and preparing for the celebration of God’s ultimate expression of love.”

Enjoy these 40 days, may you grow in your excitement for the celebration of the Resurrection!

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