Education Nurtures the Spirit

Vibrant pastoral care programming has been part of Westminster Canterbury Richmond since we opened our doors in 1975. This tradition continues with extensive educational programs available to all residents. Education is an important part of one’s spiritual development, and our pastoral care department provides many opportunities for nurturing the spirit. Here are some examples of our recent offerings.

Approximately 20 Bible studies and devotional groups meet weekly. This includes small group Bible studies led by our chaplains, but many are led by volunteers.

Lynn McClintock, Director Pastoral Care, is leading a Lectio Divina series, a way of spiritual reading of scripture, meditation and prayer. This devotional discipline is great for folks who are curious about how to connect spiritually with scripture.

Chaplain’s Lecture series offerings include exploration on Walking the Camino de Santiago and two sessions on icons in August. Icons have been called windows to heaven or doorways to the sacred. These presentations will focus on the history, meaning and power or icons, and using them as a way to enrich and enlarge our prayer lives.

Residents recently took a trip to the Islamic Center of Virginia to better understand another faith and to nurture interfaith relationships.

 When Words Fail workshops are provided to families, residents, and caregivers, teaching how to nurture the spirit of those living with dementia and those who care for them.

Even as the body ages, the spirit continues to grow. The perspective and wisdom of older adults is highly valued! For more information about Westminster Canterbury’s pastoral care programming, contact Lynn McClintock at or (804) 264-6081.



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