Explore the Empowering Possibilities With New Fitness and Wellness Amenities Coming to Westminster Canterbury Richmond

In addition to the brand-new residences that will make up our exciting Vibrancy! expansion, we’ll also be introducing a multipurpose hub for fitness and wellness that we’re calling the Vital Living Center.

What exactly is the Vital Living Center? It will be our community’s brand-new Fitness and Aquatic Center, located beneath the Vitality Apartments and just a quick stroll from the Village Apartments.

But it’s really so much more than just a gym and pools (more on that later!). It will be an all-in-one wellness hub, where you can connect with friends for workouts; access new avenues to wellness through seminars and classes; and sustain mental, social and spiritual wellness within a variety of rooms and spaces. Plus, it will be open to all residents at our community.

This new center will be such an important part of active living for everyone at Westminster Canterbury Richmond because we know that becoming your best self is possible when you’re empowered to pursue and maintain comprehensive overall wellness.

“At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, our wellness program is designed to inspire the mind, nurture the spirit and strengthen the body,” Melissa Markey, our Wellness Manager, said. “Our goal is to shift the perception from just physical wellness toward a holistic pursuit of a well-balanced lifestyle. We’re excited to achieve this in our new Vital Living Center at Vibrancy!

Let’s take a look at what you’ll find in the Vital Living Center, and how it will empower and inspire you.

Reach your goals—and evolve them

Just as your life journey has been unique, so are your fitness goals, and the Vital Living Center is being designed with person-specific wellness in mind.

Whatever makes you feel like your strongest self—whether it’s building total-body functional strength, locking into the perfect yoga flow or maintaining your goal pace on the treadmill—the Vital Living Center will inspire that feel-good sweat. You’ll have unlimited access to cutting-edge workout spaces and brand-new, high-end equipment, all without having to leave campus.

Plus, cultivating your best self means occasionally getting out of your comfort zone and revamping your goals. With this in mind, you can use the Vital Living Center to explore exciting new fitness and wellness opportunities, all without having to do it alone.

Professionally trained staff will be on hand for one-on-one consultation and instruction, and they’ll conduct regular group fitness classes and wellness workshops.

Better together

We envision that our Vibrancy! neighborhood will bring together like-minded individuals who strive to get the best out of life. It’s what they’ve always done, so why stop now?

With this in mind, dedicated group exercise and activity studios within the Vital Living Center will host a variety of classes and programs, including but not limited to:

  • Functional training
  • TRX training
  • Balance training
  • Small equipment training
  • “Boot camps” (i.e., high-intensity, circuit-style fitness classes)
  • Mind/body classes
  • Wellness workshops covering nutrition, hydration, recovery and more

Every day, you’ll have ample opportunity to experience convenient sessions to help you exceed your goals and live life well. And it will all be alongside new friends who share the same zest for multidimensional wellness.

Three separate, shimmering bodies of water

Many dimensions of wellness call for many ways to pursue them, and the Vital Living Center will reflect this in the three bodies of water available in its Aquatic Center.

First, a pool designated for lap swimming will feature slightly cooler water for those seeking to feel refreshed and fit—yard after yard, turn after turn. Second, a warmer, shallower pool will be earmarked for aquatic exercise and group water aerobics, all led by trained professionals. The third water feature will be a spa, where you can relax, wind down and hone your mental and spiritual wellness.

Let’s not forget the Vital Living Center’s proximity to our famous Cochrane Pond, which serves as one of the many desirable walking spots around our park-like campus. You’ll be able to stroll from the Vital Living Center straight to the pond, our newly renovated Ellipse trail system or one of the neighborhood’s new and inviting common or green spaces.

Keep an eye out for details on additional amenities to be found within this brand-new space, which will support our philosophy of enabling holistic, balanced wellness.

And if you want to guarantee that you’ll be among the first to experience all that the Vital Living Center and Vibrancy! have to offer, now is a great time to place a fully refundable priority deposit. You can click here or call 877-277-9908 to get in touch for more information about this expansion that’s being designed with people like you in mind.

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