Giving Needs!

Your gifts offer hope and services to a senior-in-need.

More than forty years ago, Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s founders made a commitment to excellence and compassion. Your continued support ensures that we can keep our promise that no Westminster Canterbury resident will ever be asked to leave due to an inability to pay through no fault of their own. Generosity has allowed more than 500 people since our founding to live in this special place through our Fellowship Program.

“Our unique Fellowship Program provides life-care for seniors in need – housing, meals, medical expenses and the vital living available to all residents,” says Gayle Haglund, Director of Resource Development. “This program costs $3.9 million annually, made possible with $1.6 million from the Annual Fellowship Fund and the remainder from Fellowship Endowments that have been growing since our founding.”

Good financial decisions and frugal living are keystones of responsible retirement planning. But even when you have done all you can, unexpected life circumstances often intervene, creating an uncertain future. Many seniors in the Richmond community are facing this crisis. Often, these neighbors spent a lifetime helping others and making our region a better place for all of us. But, their earnings may have been very modest – and retirement brought serious financial challenges.

That is why our commitment both to excellence and compassion matters so much – making this a place of welcome. Every resident has the opportunity to thrive in so many ways and to practice true community in a place where each person is valued.

We know there is an age wave a comin’ with more than 10,000 turning 65 every day. But here at Westminster Canterbury, we look forward to these challenges – building on our mission from the bedrock of compassion and excellence. Thanks so much to all of you whose inspiring generosity makes this possible!

If you’re interested in exploring ways you can make a difference, contact Westminster Canterbury Foundation at (804) 264-6066 or

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