Healthy Living through Whole-Person Wellness

There are countless ways to live life well. Living a healthy life involves many aspects of wellness and their different meanings and applications for each individual. Westminster Canterbury Richmond has programming that covers aspects of healthy living to promote whole-person wellness – emotional, intellectual, social, occupational, spiritual, physical and environmental.

 Here are examples of the programs Westminster Canterbury offers that you could seek out in your own community:

  • Physical: An array of classes are held each week in all areas of living on our campus – independent living, assisted living, and nursing care. From high intensity strength training to chair yoga classes and walking challenges, there are many ways to keep your body moving.
  • Spiritual: A variety of worship services, bible studies and lectures are held weekly. Meditation workshops teach how to quiet the mind for relaxation and other benefits.
  •  Intellectual: There’s always something new to learn! From art classes that teach painting, printmaking, sculpture, crafts and more to lectures from published authors and historians, exposure to new ideas and activities keeps the mind sharp.
  • Social: Our residents enjoy socialization during mealtimes; at weekly bridge and dominoes sessions and croquet matches; at frequent performances in our theater; and even around a table working on a puzzle. Invite your friends over to tackle your favorite games and puzzles.

These are just a few ways to stay active. Taking a moment to reflect on your whole-person wellness could help you recognize simple ways you can live life well! How many of these are you tending to in your daily life?

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