Hope – the Ultimate Gift

After a long, difficult and dark time, we’re finally seeing signs of hope, of life! The pandemic was unexpected and lasted much longer than anyone imagined. The ways we all had to change and adapt were comprehensive and challenging.  We were lonely and afraid. There were losses. Now, with vaccinations, we are experiencing hope – and deep appreciation for things we may have taken for granted in prior days. 

Hope.  What an empowering gift.  Easter offers us the gift of unparalleled hope – that of resurrection.  God has showered us with love and provided redemption from despair.  With spring in bloom, vaccines in arms, hugs finally shared, and opportunities to share joy with one another, this Easter can be a time of appreciation and rejoicing.

We wish you and yours a special Easter day and a season of wonder as we ponder the blessings of this special time.  Happy Easter.  Happy Spring.  May God richly bless you and yours!

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