Housekeeping Offers Service and Love

A daily devotion sets the stage for kindness and hugs.

When the Westminster Canterbury Richmond housekeeping staff makes its daily rounds, tidying up a resident’s apartment is not the only agenda.

“Housekeepers and residents share a spiritual and emotional bond and that is key,” says Naomi Hines, manager housekeeping and laundry. “Our staff gets to know our residents and what they are going through,” says Veronica Merriman, assistant manager housekeeping. “They usually have contact with their families and know when they visit. Housekeepers can then inquire about relatives and friends during their daily rounds. This gives both a special connection.”

Each day begins with a stand-up meeting coupled with a devotion. Housekeepers share any questions or concerns they have. Some might have a professional need and others a personal one.

“We are a family here and as such we care for one another so we can better care for our residents,” Mrs. Merriman said. “We dispense hugs and love and offer a listening ear. By doing so, not only do we fulfill our spiritual mission but also it helps us do our jobs better.”

The peace of mind that comes with seeing the same housekeepers every day gives residents an extra assurance. They are making a new home at Westminster Canterbury and may not be able to clean anymore in the way they are accustomed. Knowing that a caring and competent person will be there for them offers a sense of security. In addition, every housekeeping employee is fully trained in The Westminster Canterbury Way, our customer service model that ensures that every resident receives the highest quality customer service. This quality customer service is apparent through the abundant appreciation letters for staff Ms. Hines receives from residents on a daily basis.

“Our housekeepers get to know their residents’ daily routines. For example, what time the paper is taken in or when they come down for a meal. If something is askew, they take immediate action,” Mrs. Merriman continued. “Their observations are often critical to making certain our residents are safe.” Residents show genuine care and concern for the housekeepers. “Upon arrival, housekeepers are often greeted with snacks or refreshments from residents,” says Ms. Hines.

If you have a senior friend whom you worry about, Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s housekeeping staff’s procedures offer great clues on how you can help.

  • Notice daily routines and be aware of any sudden changes.
  • Offer words of encouragement and regularly check in with a cup of coffee or a meal.
  • Get an emergency contact number in case you see something askew.

For more information on Westminster Canterbury Richmond, please contact Brandon Lowe, Stewardship Coordinator, at 804.264.6066 or

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