Inspire Generosity!

Seniors-in-need depend on our Fellowship Program.

Unexpected life circumstances can rewrite your family’s future. Good financial decisions and frugal living are the building blocks of solid retirement planning, but illness or a long life can make you come up short financially. More than forty years ago, Westminster Canterbury’s founders committed to excellence and compassion. Today, your support of Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program continues to provide necessities such as housing, food and medical expenses for seniors-in-need.

“One of the most moving quotes regarding the Fellowship Program came from a recipient’s family member,” says Gayle Haglund, Director Resource Development. “She said ‘people I have never met helped saved the person I love most in the world.’ That is the very essence of what we are about.” Here are the many ways seniors at Westminster Canterbury benefit from your gifts:

You Gave Me a Home.
Peace and security have replaced panic for many seniors after unexpected financial expenses or medical conditions reduced their abilities to live on their own.

You Help Me Remember.
Planting tomatoes in the good earth and singing once familiar old hymns offer family members a chance to reconnect with a parent or loved one in Memory Support.

You Help Me Heal.
Out of the blue, a bone can break or a surgery is needed. All residents, no matter their financial circumstances, are entitled to the same excellent medical services in our Mary Morton Parsons Health Center.

You Bring Me Joy.
Many seniors, who would otherwise be isolated, find new life volunteering in our Child Development Center. A gaggle of toddlers are regular (and welcome) visitors throughout Westminster Canterbury.

You Inspire My Creativity.
Painting, woodworking and weaving are part of daily life here. Residents enjoy finding out that it is never too late to learn!

Your gifts to the Fellowship Fund not only help Richmond-area seniors-in-need but also ensure that no Westminster Canterbury Richmond resident will ever be asked to leave due to an inability to pay through no fault of their own. To find out more information on how your gift can make the difference in the life of a local senior, please view the video below. Also you can contact Gayle Haglund, Director Resource Development at (804) 264-6702 or Make a gift online at


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