Inspiring Innovation at Westminster Canterbury Richmond

One of Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s long held values is innovation. The senior living industry demands creative solutions to ever-evolving challenges, and we know we must keep up in order to ensure the best life possible for our residents.

Through our Foundation, we offer Innovation Grants to employees who come up with projects and ideas that improve the lives of those we serve. I wanted to share with you highlights of this year’s awards that demonstrate our commitment to being leaders in senior living.

Healthcare Excellence – The Foundation provides funding that creates a margin of excellence in healthcare services. Thanks to charitable gifts, a thorough orientation and mentorship curriculum called a preceptor program trains new employees. New nurses are paired with our best, most experienced nurses to learn The Westminster Canterbury Way of caring for our residents. This summer, we are piloting a new Nurse Aide intern program – read more about it here

Workforce Support – Generous donations make it possible for us to have a Professional School of Learning that trains every staff member annually, including leadership development, service excellence training, coaching and mentoring opportunities and more. A new offering this year is a formal innovation program that will teach staff how to better solve problems and design new products and services.

Wellness – Fitness is important at any age, and our Wellness team pilots a variety of classes such as taiko drumming, laughter yoga, ballroom dance and more to find the best ways to keep our residents active. These enhancements to our ongoing Wellness programming help us discover the right path forward for increased vitality.

These are just a few ways that philanthropy inspires innovation on our campus. We are grateful for our engaged employees who care deeply about those we serve, and for the inspiring generosity of so many who make it possible for us to provide excellence and compassion in equal measure.






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