Intergenerational Magic

Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s hallways are filled with intergenerational magic. Our community features 850 seniors age 62 to 105, but we really serve people beginning much younger than that! Westminster Canterbury’s Child Development Center welcomes 140 children each day from ages six weeks to twelve years old.

One of the wonderful things that happens on our campus is that our children and seniors interact on a regular basis. Regular game days, Easter egg hunts, a Fall Costume Parade, storytime, Spanish lessons and more bring people together to share learning and understanding. Intergenerational activities can be great for all ages. Children learn understanding and respect for seniors, while seniors benefit from interaction with the young and curious among us.

There are plenty of activities that our kids and residents do that you can replicate with your own families this summer!

Gardening and Nature
Plant flowers together in raised beds or in pots. Adults can teach children how to use a shovel and rake or about seasons and when to plant different vegetables and share memories. Our children take part in Horticulture Therapy sessions with residents in our memory support areas.

Play Board Games
Games like Sorry!, Connect Four, Candy Land and Checkers are easy to learn and fun for all ages.

Bake together
Making something as simple as cupcakes together gives a chance for children to learn new cooking skills while adults share their favorite recipes and tips.

Balloon Toss
Get a large balloon and get everyone into a large circle, alternating adults and children. Toss and catch the ball while talking about other sports that the adults used to play. This is great for developing and exercising motor skills.

How can you connect your friends and loved ones of all ages? For more about Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Child Development Center, call (804) 200-1176.

For more ideas, visit this resource from Project TRIP:

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