Lectures. Performances. Shows!

Our Cultural & Educational Series provides entertainment and inspiration.

Music, lectures and performances are always on the Westminster Canterbury Richmond calendar. There are special movie previews, Seminary Mondays, cultural film series, theater performances and Pastoral Care events. Stimulating the mind and cultivating a more enriching spiritual life top the list of priorities here.

Our winter Playbill included selections from the Virginia Repertory Theatre’s Gypsy, Nashville Avenue Stompers and countertenor, Terry Barber. Our residents previewed the new PBS television show Mercy Street, which was filmed in Richmond and Petersburg. Coming soon is a lecture by Byron Kinney, a B-29 pilot and friend of CEO John Burns, who will recount his role in the moving and unforgettable story, Unbroken. The Richmond Ballet II will be on point in the Sara Belle November Theater next month, and the Virginia Opera will take its turn on stage in April.

The Linhart Series, which is named for former Westminster Canterbury trustee Thelma K. Linhart Lindemann, will sponsor an evening with the VCU Jazz Orchestra I, treating residents to a popular mix of swing, ballad, Latin and blues styles. The Seminary Mondays feature an interesting group of lecture subjects including the story of the first Europe’s founding under Charlemagne and the wisdom of the Book of Ruth.

The Lenten events offer three February sermons by Richmond’s First Baptist Church’s Pastor, Dr. James Somerville, and culminate with an inspiring mix of services in the Montague Chapel during Holy Week.

The importance of both a healthy mind and body, and the connection to a balanced spiritual life are among the qualities that make us a leader in senior living. If you would like to learn more about the Westminster Canterbury Richmond Cultural and Educational Series and how you can help support this initiative, please contact Anita Adkins (804-264-6202).

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