Live Update to Residents-February 16, 2021

Today’s Live Update on our in-house TV970 covered the latest news at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. It featured John Burns, President and CEO; Derek Oliver, Director Facilities Services; and David Curtis, Chaplain. The next Live Update will be Thursday, February 18.

The following updates were shared.

John Burns

COVID-19 Updates

On Saturday, we learned of two new cases of COVID-19 in our community. An Independent Living resident in the Tower tested positive for COVID-19. An employee of Materials Management also tested positive for COVID-19 while in quarantine after a prior exposure. Currently, two Independent Living residents are recovering in quarantine in their apartments. We have completed contact tracing. Anyone who may have been exposed has been contacted. There does not appear to be a correlation between the two cases in Independent Living. Currently, three employees who have tested positive are recovering in quarantine at home.

Vaccination Updates

Today is the final vaccination clinic for Assisted Living. The Independent Living vaccination clinic is next week, Wednesday and Thursday, February 24-25. Today is the deadline for Independent Living residents to return their consent forms. If you have questions or need assistance, please call the Vaccine Helpline at (804) 200-1570, leave a message, and someone will return your call. The schedule for the vaccination clinic days will be shared next week.

Nashville Avenue Stompers

A tradition for many years has been to gather in the Sara Belle November Theater on Mardi Gras to celebrate with the Nashville Avenue Stompers. You may recall the band parading around the theater with umbrellas in hand. The band’s performance has been sponsored by Adrienne and Jack Maxwell and is a much-anticipated annual event! To keep that tradition alive, we will air a previously recorded version of the Nashville Avenue Stompers on TV970 this evening at 7:30 p.m. Tune in and “Let the Good Times Roll!”

Derek Oliver

HVAC/HW Replacement Project – Courtyard/Avalon/The Gables

This project continues to track on schedule. We are in the final phase of a three-year project. The Gables replacement units are complete. The Courtyard phase is due to be completed by the end of February. We plan to begin Avalon in early March with completion towards the end of April. We will have a crane on campus several times, and we will communicate these dates once the schedule is finalized.

Cochrane Pond Landscape Project

The new retaining walls have been installed. Preliminary grading of the areas in preparation for new plantings is underway, weather permitting. We anticipate new paver installation to support new bench locations around the pond. Final selection of plantings is being finalized with the assistance of resident committees.

Tower Hallways

Tower Hallways are receiving new finishes. We are currently working on Floors 7, 6, 4 and 3. New lighting is 90% complete. New wood base installation and painting is ongoing. Carpet installation will begin on the Eighth Floor and continue to the First Floor.

Tower Lounges – New Finishes

Renovation to Tower Lounges on Floors 7, 6, 4 and 3 is ongoing. This will include new finishes, fixtures, lighting and flooring. Floors 8, 5 and 2 were completed last year.

Tower Laundry Rooms

The Tower Laundry Rooms on Floors 8, 6, 4 and 2 are being renovated. Demo work is complete. Plumbing and electrical rough-in work is ongoing. Work will include new front-loading washer and dryer units. These rooms are targeted for completion on April 1. We will then move to the odd numbered floors. Our goal is to maintain laundry availability on every other floor during construction.

Avalon Second Floor Dining Renovation

We recently completed renovations to the dining room on Avalon Second Floor. The seating was expanded, and a new food preparation area was created to enhance the dining experience. We hope to begin use of this new area very soon.

Avalon Fourth Floor Activity Room Renovations

We are reworking the two activity rooms on Avalon Fourth Floor. The room at the South end of Avalon will become the Movie Room. This will expand its current use. This will include theater seating and other upgrades. The room on the North end of the Fourth floor will continue to be a Quiet Room. New finishes, furniture and more will provide a special place for residents to enjoy. We hope to have these renovations completed in April.

Promenade Grease Trap Installation

We are preparing to install new grease traps to support the current and future needs with the Promenade kitchen. These storage units will be placed in the areaway adjacent to the Brown Garden. These two tanks will be below the grate that covers the areaway. They will not interfere with any part of the Brown Garden. We will make connections to existing sanitary lines in the Lower Level of the Tower. Engineering will provide further information about areas that will be affected during this project.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with these renovations. We are working as quickly and efficiently as possible to move these projects towards completion.

David Curtis

Pastoral Care Updates

The Ash Wednesday service is Wednesday, February 17, at 10:30 a.m., on TV970. This service will be a communion service with Rev. Dr. Lynn McClintock preaching. Residents are invited to have juice and a cracker available to take communion in their apartments. We will also have a prayer of Spiritual Communion. Residents will be invited to make the sign of the cross on their foreheads, palms or wrists to symbolically represent the application of ashes.

Purple prayer ribbons will be placed in the Center Business Area, the Tower Lobby and the Sanctuary beginning tomorrow. Residents are invited to take a ribbon or two and place them on their door, their walls or perhaps in their books. Ribbons may also be tied to the gates leading to the Emmaus Memorial Garden at the Spiritual Center. May these ribbons be a visible sign of our prayers, prayers that withstand the wind, rain, sun, snow, cold and heat.

The 2021 Lenten Journey booklets have been distributed. Extra copies are available at the Center Business Area, in the Tower Lobby or by calling Pastoral Care at ext. 1502.

Thursday worship will be on Thursday, February 18, at 10:30 a.m. on TV970. Rev. Dr. Bill Blake will preach. Annette Sparks will provide the music.

Rev. Canon Bob Hetherington will lead a seven-week virtual small group beginning Wednesday, February 17, at 1 p.m. The group will examine spiritual practices through the lens of the Gospel readings on the coming Sunday’s lectionary. Participants will need to download software to participate in this virtual gathering. Please call Vanessa Perry at ext. 1502 to register.

David Curtis is leading a six-week Bible reflection series, focusing on the prior Sunday’s lectionary, on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. It will begin on Tuesday, February 23. You will need to download software to attend. Please call David Curtis at ext. 5179 to register.

Psalm 130: 5-6

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,

and in God’s word I hope;

my soul waits for the Lord

more than those who watch for the morning,

more than those who watch for the morning.

An Irish Blessing

May you see God’s light on the path ahead

When the road you walk is dark.

May you always hear,

Even in your hour of sorrow,

The gentle singing of the lark.

When times are hard may hardness

Never turn your heart to stone,

May you always remember

when the shadows fall—

You do not walk alone. Amen.

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