Live Update to Residents-July 21, 2020

Live updates to residents on our in-house TV970 keep us informed and connected on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 p.m. Today’s update featured John Burns, President and CEO; Glendon Kemp, Manager of Security; and Jenny te Velde, Chaplain.

The following updates were shared during the live briefing on TV970.

John Burns

As of today, the COVID-19 data for Virginia includes:

• 937,148 have been tested for COVID-19, an increase of around 20,000 since yesterday.

• Positive cases total 79,371, an increase of nearly 1,000 since yesterday.

• The rolling seven-day positivity rate in Virginia is 7.7%, trending up. Henrico-5.0%, flat. Chesterfield-6.9%, trending down. Richmond-6.3%, flat.

• There have been 7,297 hospitalizations, with 1,189 currently and 258 in intensive care units. This is the highest it has been in six weeks.

Point Prevalence Survey

Thank you to residents and staff for your cooperation, assistance and positive attitudes during our Point Prevalence Survey (PPS). We are grateful for your efforts and the kind, professional nature of the Virginia National Guard. As of noon today, the National Guard had tested 559 staff and 714 residents, totaling 1,273 tests. They will continue to test until around 5:30 p.m. today. We will follow up with residents who are on leave of absence or in quarantine to ensure we get a test result for everyone. It will likely take one to two weeks to receive our test results. We will share more details when we have them.

Current COVID-19 Cases Update

On Thursday, July 16, we shared that a certified nursing assistant (CNA) on Parsons Health Center First Floor tested positive for COVID-19. On Friday, July 17, we learned that a resident on Parsons Health Center First Floor tested positive for COVID-19. This resident is doing well and only has mild symptoms. Two other residents continue to recover in Parsons Health Center. One is asymptomatic and appears recovered. The second is slightly improved.

Yesterday, Monday, July 20, we learned that a Genesis Rehab employee, a licensed physical therapy assistant, tested positive as part of our routine testing.

Currently, five employees have exhibited symptoms and are off campus awaiting test results. In summary, since March, six residents have tested positive, and three are currently recovering. 19 employees have tested positive, and seven remain off campus recovering.

If you feel any symptoms of COVID-19, residents should contact the Clinic. Employees should stay home and get tested. Please continue to take care and stay safe.

At Thursday’s Live Update there will be a financial update including details about the upcoming budget and information on resident fees.

Glendon Kemp

Social Security Scams

We are seeing an uptick in the number of scam calls received by residents. Most claim to be from Social Security. The latest calls are different because they leave a phone number and ask you to call back. Please do not call them back. Remember that Social Security will only correspond with you through mail.

Azalea Parking Lot

In past weeks, residents have noticed large gatherings at the Azalea Parking Lot on Friday evenings. There was no activity in the Azalea Parking Lot on Friday nor over the weekend. If you see any concerning activity, please call Henrico County’s non-emergency phone number at (804) 501-5000.

Jenny te Velde

Our next worship service will air live on TV970 on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. Rev. Dr. Lynn McClintock will preach. Rev. Deacon Logan Augustine will lead worship.

Psalm 62

For God alone my soul waits in silence,

For my hope is from him.

He alone is my rock and my salvation,

My fortress, I shall never be shaken.

Trust in him at all times, O people;

Pour out your heart before him;

God is a refuge for us.

A Prayer by Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne

Leave me alone with God as much as may be.

As the tide draws the waters close in upon the shore,

make me an island, set apart, alone with you, God, holy to you.

Then with the turning of the tide

prepare me to carry your presence to the busy world beyond,

The world that rushes in on me till the waters come again and fold me back to you.


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