Live Update to Residents-November 19, 2020

Today’s Live Update on our in-house TV970 covered the latest news on COVID-19 at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. It featured John Burns, President and CEO; Laurie Youndt, Director of Clinical Services; and Lynn McClintock, Director Pastoral Care. The next Live Update will be Tuesday, November 24.

The following updates were shared.

John Burns

COVID-19 Updates

Unfortunately, we continue to see many new cases of COVID-19 at Westminster Canterbury. We are working hard to contain the outbreak through lots of testing and other measures.

Twenty employees have tested positive for COVID-19 in November. Sixteen are from Mary Morton Parsons Health Center or work in departments that support Parsons Health Center. Two are from Engineering. Two are from Assisted Living. Many other staff are out in quarantine due to exposure or while waiting for test results after having symptoms related to COVID-19.

Twenty residents have tested positive in November. Three are from Independent Living. The rest are from Parsons Health Center. Four are being cared for in the hospital. The others are in our COVID-19 positive unit. The new cases that have developed this week all reside in one hallway of Parsons Health Center, so an additional COVID positive unit has been created in that space. A number of the residents are very frail. Please keep them in your prayers, along with our employees who are working tirelessly to care for them.

We are deeply saddened to report that one of our residents who was being cared for in the hospital has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this individual. It’s heartbreaking to lose one of our own in this way. Thank you to everyone for your support. We hear from so many family members and friends in the community, and your thoughts and support mean a lot to everyone here.

Point Prevalence Survey

Today the National Guard has been onsite helping to test all Independent Living residents and employees. So far, they have tested 255 employees and 479 Independent Living residents. Over the course of this week, every resident and employee in all areas of living will be tested for COVID-19. This testing will help us learn whether we have asymptomatic residents and employees and determine our next steps.

If you’re an Independent Living resident or employee, please make sure you get tested by 5 p.m. today, following the instructions for your area. If you were not available to be tested during the PPS, residents should call the Clinic to make arrangements to be tested. Employees who are unable to be tested during today’s PPS should talk to their manager to make arrangements to be tested when they return. It is very important to have 100% participation.

We hope to receive all test results by Monday or Tuesday. Anyone who tests positive will be contacted directly. We hope to share the results at Tuesday’s Live Update.


Visitation in all areas of living is suspended until further notice. We will be prepared to reopen as soon as we are able. We are working to get there is the safest possible ways.

We strongly discourage social gatherings until we get our test results back and determine our next steps.

Our next Live Update will be Tuesday, November 24. We will not have a Live Update on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. We plan to continue Live Updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout December.

We are very hopeful that this week’s testing will help us in big ways in the coming days! Please stay strong, stay safe and take care.

Laurie Youndt

Clinic Update

Independent Living residents are asked to participate in our LIFE Response Program. This is an acronym for Life-Saving Information for Emergencies, also known as red-top tubes. These forms are available by calling the Clinic. Residents are asked to complete forms which contain a list of your medications, health history and emergency contacts. These forms are then placed in a waterproof tube and stored on the top shelf of your refrigerator. Why the refrigerator? It is an easy place to store and easy to find. It’s consistent and staff that respond to emergencies know to look there. Having this information close at hand can save precious minutes during a life-threatening emergency. Information needs to be kept current and should be updated annually. Try to think about doing this around your birthday. Please contact the Clinic at ext. 6231 if you have questions or need forms. At any time, your emergency contact information changes, please let Resident Services know so your records can be updated. It’s very difficult when there is an urgent need and we find out emergency contact information has changed. This information can also be found in the Resident Handbook.

What’s new with the Clinic? We continue to request that residents call before coming down to the Clinic. This has worked well for the staff, permitting time for proper cleaning between visits. We also hope this prevents residents waiting. Clinic staff are providing apartment visits, or they may be out on an emergency call. As of the end of October, we have surpassed 2019 totals in the number of phone calls and the number of services we are providing. The number of home visits are more than three times the total of 2019.

We appreciate the kudos and kind words about the nurses in the clinic! The team in front of the Clinic, Janet Beavers and LaTonya Howard, work hard to ensure a safe environment for residents. They have become the “gatekeepers” of the Clinic. They clean between every visit and at the end of the day. LaTonya is here early every morning cleaning exam rooms and the waiting area before the day starts.

They document all resident and staff flu shots into separate documentation systems, around 800 as of November 1. They also document annual TB screenings for all staff and PPDs for new hires. They scan, name and attach various medical records to residents’ electronic charts. They call residents down and check them in for their appointments along with answering the phone throughout the day and routing the calls appropriately.
Janet and Tonya also have frequent interaction with outside practitioners, communicating the schedule and making sure the schedule gets into The Tales.

The Clinic has been doing many things differently since the pandemic began. We are fortunate to have Janet and Tonya, Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Medication Aides, working together with Clinic nurses. On behalf of everyone in the Clinic, Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynn McClintock

Pastoral Care Updates

The Peters Lecture featuring Heath Hardage Lee speaking about League of Wives will air again on Thursday, November 19, 7:30 p.m., on TV970.

A Sermon for Every Sunday will air on Sunday, November 22, at 4 p.m., on TV970, featuring Rev. Ryan Ahlgrim of First Mennonite Church, Richmond. The Scripture text is Matthew 25:31-46, the Parable of the Sheep and Goats.

Join us for Thursday Worship on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, at 10:30 a.m., on TV970. Rev. Deacon David Curtis will preach.

The annual Starlighting Concert featuring the James River Brass will be on Sunday, November 29, on TV970 starting at 3:45 p.m. with seasonal tunes before the service begins at 4 p.m. Today we held a drawing for the resident who will have the honor of lighting the star on the Tower Roof. This year’s Starlighter is Betty Clapp.

Galatians 6:9-10

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.


Creator God, as I prepare to go into the world, help me to see the sacramental nature of wearing this cloth. Let it be a tangible and visible way of living love for neighbors, as I love myself.

…since my lips will be covered, uncover my heart, that people would see my smile in the crinkles around my eyes. Since my voice may be muffled, help me to speak clearly, not only with words, but with my actions.

…as the elastic touches my ears, remind me to listen carefully and caringly to all those I meet. May this simple piece of cloth be shield and banner, and with each breath that it holds, be filled with your love.

In your name and in that love, I pray. Amen.

Adapted from prayer “A Prayer for Putting on a Facemask” by Rev. Richard Bott, Moderator, Presbyterian Church of Canada

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