More 2019 Accomplishments Made Possible by Generosity!

Generosity provides Music Therapy that connects residents with past memories through beloved songs and instruments.

Thanks to generosity, vital programming is available to all our residents at Westminster Canterbury Richmond so they may live life well!

Thanks to YOUR support of Performing Arts, 100% of performance costs in our beautiful Sara Belle November Theater are covered. Live, high-quality cultural arts enhance the lives of every resident, making Westminster Canterbury an exciting and stimulating environment. This past year, 26,200 attendees enjoyed 49 performances in the Sara Belle November Theater and 777 audience members enjoyed nine Roof Terrace Chamber Series performances. 

Through YOUR gifts to W·E·A·V·E (Workforce-Education-Assistance-Volunteerism-Engagement), the Foundation supports educational efforts, provides emergency assistance for employees, offers staff volunteer programs through Fellowship Outreach and engages all employees to encourage retention and satisfaction. 2019 highlights include:  450 staff volunteer hours for Fellowship Outreach, 150+ employee donors to W·E·A·V·E, emergency assistance for 24 employees, scholarships for 14 employees, and training for every employee.

Thanks to YOU, Memory Support Ministry and Therapies provide for our residents with memory challenges, their families and their caregivers. Our memory support chaplain provided care, counseling and communion through 461 interactions within our community this past year. Gifts also allow for active engagement and individual connections that elevate resident lives and address physical, social, productive/work, sensory, outdoor, cultural, nature, reflection/contemplative and spiritual health dimensions. In 2019, there were 4,244 positive contacts in the following areas:

  • 2,003 through Music Therapy
  • 910 through Horticulture Therapy
  • 689 through Art Therapy
  • 642 through Exercise Therapy

To learn more about all that donors make possible, please read the full report: 2019 Accomplishments Made Possible by Generosity!

We are deeply grateful for your inspiring generosity in 2019!
Thank you!

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