Moving Tips!

Help a loved one move to senior living.

We are all invested in the homes we live in. And for our senior friends and family, the attachment is even more intense. The thought of leaving the security and comfort of a longtime house or apartment can be emotionally devastating and uncomfortable. When the time comes to move into a senior living community, it is important to recognize how to help friends and family cope with the change. As an innovator in senior living, we understand the stress involved and offer our residents help before and after the process.

“We recommend working with groups that specialize in helping seniors plan for and carry out the move. Their expertise is very helpful,” says Blair Lawson, Westminster Canterbury Richmond Move Coordinator. “Asking the staff for help at the place where you are moving is important. Typically they can offer assistance with many aspects of the move – both practically and emotionally.”

Here are tips to help you and your loved one move forward positively:

Grieve the Change
Leaving the familiarity of a longtime home can cause seniors to feel a loss of control. Try to give your loved one as much choice as possible. Involve them as you plan and implement the move. Grieving is a natural byproduct of a major change. Seek the support of your church or synagogue if you need additional help.

Downsizing Things and Attachments
Before you begin the sorting and organizing process, it will help to have an accurate view of the new space. What rooms need to be furnished? How many square feet is the new residence? Make the downsizing process easier by categorizing objects. For example: keepsakes, items to be moved, items to be sold and items to be given away. Accept your loved one’s choices on what to keep. Be open to their emotions and your own.

Clean and Repair
If your senior is moving from a house, then there will still be work to be done. Make a list of required repairs and have a cleaning service come in to thoroughly wash everything. Prepare your senior and yourself for the sale or rental of the family home.

Plan the Moving Day
There are a variety of options for moving, depending on your financial situation. You can enlist everything from a full-service mover to family and friends with a U-Haul truck. In addition, you might want to consider renting a self-storage unit so you can buy time on what needs to be sold or given away. Make the move a celebration with an end-of-day gathering at the new home.

If you are interested in more information on moving into Westminster Canterbury Richmond, please call 1-800-445-9904 or visit We have resources to assist you in the transition to living here.

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