Naming Gifts!

Honor your loved one with an everlasting gift.

Sara Belle and Neil November’s life together is an exquisite tapestry of giving, joy and love. He honored his wife and life partner by naming our theater after her as an expression of his love and in recognition of her years performing with regional theatre companies. The Sara Belle November Theater is a prominent and inspiring example of how to create an everlasting named gift.

Gifts for naming opportunities are generally put toward the endowment for the areas of the donor’s greatest passion. Naming gifts begin at $100,000 and include named endowments, programs or physical spaces.

The great advantage for nearly all of our naming opportunities is that the funds donated are actually used for the programming inside the space, rather than on the construction costs. Our approach to this is unusual and innovative, which underscores our position as a leader in senior living.

“Recently, Dr. Frances McMullan gave a gift in honor of Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Vice President of Health Services, Will Blackwell. Because of this gift, the office Will uses is named the “Healthcare Excellence Headquarters,” with thanks on the brass plaque to Moon McMullan,” says Gayle Haglund, Director Resource Development. “The actual gift is placed in endowment and the interest used for stellar nurse training and education. This approach honors our donors’ request and our residents’ needs.”

Examples of current naming opportunities include:
Offices and Smaller Spaces: $100,000
Theater Stage: $500,000
Roof Terrace: $500,000
Center for Creative Living $1 million
The Marketplace: $1 million
Other options available in consultation with the Foundation

Neil November’s father, a dedicated philanthropist himself, gave his son advice that guided both of their lives, “If you’ve done enough for yourself and your family, you have a duty to give to others.” To find out more information on how you can support our Fellowship Fund and learn about possible naming opportunities, please contact Gayle Haglund, Director Resource Development at (804) 264-6702 or

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