Observing Lent at Westminster Canterbury Richmond

Lent is a time for reflection and prayer leading us to one of the most important days of the Christian year, Easter Sunday. Over time, Lent has come to resonate with people of varied faith traditions, including those who may not practice a formal religion. Why? True, observance of Lent can follow the more traditional sense of fasting and prayer. But it can also offer a broader, more personal opportunity to reflect on one’s relationships with the rest of humanity and with God.   

Here at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we commemorate the beginning of Lent with our Ash Wednesday Service, conducted by our Pastoral Care staff and clergy from Richmond area congregations. Another important Lenten tradition here is the publication of The Lenten Journey. Written by residents, staff and friends of Westminster Canterbury, this is a collection of devotions that challenges us to deepen our Lenten observances. More than 4,000 copies are distributed to area faith congregations. The devotions are as diverse as the writers themselves. Everyone, regardless of whether participating in a formal faith tradition or not, is likely to find a devotion within these pages that resonates with his or her soul. From…

  • A gentle reminder to be still and listen for God’s presence in our lives,
  • To an invitation to “exchange our bad habits for healthier alternatives,”
  • To comforting thoughts for those who grieve,
  • To messages of hope in a frequently hostile world,
  • To the invitation to open our eyes to the everyday miracles happening around us.

We hope you will find words of comfort and inspiration in this Westminster Canterbury tradition. You may download a copy of The Lenten Journey here:


May this Lenten Season be a time of reflection and renewal for you.

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