Our Roots in Faith Call Us to Love…

Love, however, is often not easy – and infinitely difficult to know how it should look in community, in our homes and in the broader marketplace.  We acknowledge with deep humility that mere words cannot convey the pain and sorrow experienced in our country now, nor how that pain has been experienced for centuries.  We do believe that now is a time that cries out for us to open ourselves to learning, listening and striving to grow in understanding and empathy. 

Our community of staff and residents together is made up of people from many walks of life, more than 40 countries-of-origin. We represent nearly every world religion and many ethnic backgrounds.  Despite perception, our residents join us from every socio-economic strata. So, while our collective horror over the death of Mr. Floyd is shared, our inner feelings and reactions are many and varied.  But we all grieve. 

In a recent video update, Director of Pastoral Care Rev. Dr. Lynn McClintock encouraged us all to ask this question of others different than us, “How is it for you?”  The beginning of dialogue that seeks to understand begins with that question. 

When Jesus instructed his followers to love one another, he knew this was not an easy request. He reached out to the disenfranchised and knelt at the feet of his friends.  He experienced wrath and execution and he knew what was coming. We are remiss if we think faith leads us to complacency.  No matter what your faith tradition, you learn that love must be at the core.  While we pray for justice and peace, let us each pray that God will show us how to be part of redeeming the world.  Many of our residents and staff are eager to continue this important conversation, knowing that peace, justice and love are a call for each of us. As we all seek to cope with two enormous crises – one of worldwide health and one of nationwide racial tension – may we open our hearts to one another, knowing love can be painful and hard, but it is the rock upon which we can stand. Together.

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