Pirates of the Canterbury

On July 28, Westminster Canterbury Richmond celebrated its 43rd anniversary with Pirates of the Canterbury festivities! Residents, employees, family members and children from our Child Development Center were encouraged to don their pirate attire and hand-decorated pirate hats and join the party.

There was something for everyone! Themed sales were featured in all of the resident-run shops, where residents can purchase secondhand items and reap the bounty of special sales. Children and residents alike colored pirate ships while watching Peter Pan. Landlubbers took part in a cross-campus Treasure Hunt and captured the prized reward. For those aching to set sail there was a shipwreck photo booth in the H. Scott November Gallery.

“It was really fun to see our residents, employees, and children showing off their finest pirate garb in our shipwreck photo booth.” said Whitney Worrell, Manager of Life Enrichment. “The Parrots of Paradise petting zoo was also a hit!”

In the evening, dinner featured jerk pork tenderloin, Dominican curried lamp, Jamaican callaloo, Caribbean coleslaw, mango rum upside-down cake and more! Residents in all areas of campus enjoyed parties and centerpieces handmade by our resident Small Crafts group.

We celebrated 43 years of residents who live life well – seafarers and land lovers alike!

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