Planning a Trip for a Senior in Your Life, Part 2!

Last week we shared some helpful tips for taking your senior loved one on a trip to one of the many wonderful attractions in the Richmond area. But there is so much else to see. From Richmond we have easy access to mountains, beaches and even our nation’s capital! As with local trips, careful planning and good communication with representatives at your destination can make all the difference.

In addition to the tips shared last week for local trips, keep these things in mind when planning a longer trip out-of-town:

  • Include a friend. We often rent a bus for longer trips and take the opportunity provided by the additional space to partner with other retirement communities. Invite family members or other seniors in your neighborhood.
  • Make space for a cooler. Packing ample snacks and meals keeps the cost of your trip down and provides flexibility in your itinerary.
  • Share your cell phone numbers. Having a number to call in the event of a last-minute change in plans or rendezvous point is important.
  • Know your route. Carefully review your directions and know rest area locations if traveling on the interstate. Be aware of any long stretches without good stopping points and plan accordingly.

Having trouble coming up with destinations? Here are some of our residents’ favorites: Washington National’s ball games, Tangier Island, Washington DC museums, train rides in West Virginia, one of the many vineyards or breweries throughout Virginia, and many more. Our residents most recently enjoyed a first-time trip to the MGM Casino in Maryland.

With these tips in mind, you can plan a memorable outing for your senior loved one. If you are interested in learning more about planning a trip with a senior in your life or want ideas for good locations, you are welcome to contact Whitney Worrell at (804) 264-6058 or

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