Preventing Falls at Home

Tips for preventing falls.

Currently, falls are the leading cause of injury for adults aged 60 and over. Kristin Goodwin is a Doctorate of Occupational Therapy student and intern with Genesis, the rehabilitation services provider at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. Kristin suggests the following safety assessment and tips to help keep you safe during everyday activities in your home.

Consider the following when assessing your home for safety:

  • Are you able to open your front door with ease?
  • Are you able to use your key to open the door?
  • Are you able to lock your door and windows?
  • Are you able to reach into cabinets or bend down to reach into the refrigerator?
  • Can you stand up from your chair, bed or toilet with ease?
  • Do you need a shower seat to sit on while showering?


Fall Prevention Tips

  • Remove scatter rugs in living area, kitchen and bathrooms
  • Move phone cords and electrical cords out of the walking path
  • Add a cushion to your favorite chair to ease you into standing
  • Make sure there is ample and bright light in each room
  • Consider bed railings to help you get out of bed
  • Install night lights or bedside lights in the bedroom
  • Consider a three-in-one commode or toilet safety rails
  • Install grab bars in and around the shower
  • Consider a handheld shower head
  • Consider a shower seat if you don’t already have one


Westminster Canterbury residents can call ext. 5397 to get a home safety evaluation with an Occupational Therapist. Occupational Therapists help provide additional modifications to maximize participation in daily home activities. Physical Therapists are also available for a balance and ambulation home exercise program.

Whether you are a resident at Westminster Canterbury Richmond or caring for a senior in your own home, developing a fall prevention plan is an important and vital step towards better health and better living. For more information on Westminster Canterbury Richmond, please contact Brandon Lowe, Stewardship Coordinator, at 804.264.6066 or

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