Few doubt that regular attention to fitness is a necessity for good health. But many of us struggle to include fitness in the routines of life. At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, our wellness staff launched Flash Fitness to encourage employees to get up and away from their duties and take a quick break for ten minutes of exercise.

Employees were intentionally surprised by every offering, which ranged from walking around our Cochrane Pond, Laughter Yoga, weighted ball exercises, stretch and flex, walking workouts, meditation, stair climbs and BeMoved. The surprise factor sparked curiosity and lowered resistance to trying new things.

Not only did employees jumpstart or augment their fitness routines – we learned how easy it is to fit in fitness when you are creative with using what is available and are willing to try new things. Do you have steps in your building? Consider climbing them daily. Do you have sidewalks nearby? Consider walking them daily. Try new things with your colleagues. This builds teams and health!

The latest challenge for our workforce is a Walking Challenge, where employees track their time spent walking on a daily and weekly basis, and Walking Wednesdays, where residents and employees join together to walk laps on our Ellipse walkway. We’ll see how long we’ve walked collectively. With camaraderie, one scarcely notices the miles adding up.

We encourage healthy eating through on-campus Weight Watchers classes, and employees are encouraged to utilize our Fitness Center, with regular orientations offered.

There are many aspects to wellness – physical fitness is only one. When you add enjoyable socialization, laughter and enjoying the outdoors, overall wellness begins to thrive. With creativity and teamwork, you can use your environment to your fitness advantage and find yourselves becoming healthier and happier!

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