Senior Plans!

Live life well as a senior through careful planning.

As we age, many of us focus on developing an exercise routine, monitoring healthy eating habits and managing stress in hopes of slowing down the clock. While all of these ideas are appropriate and helpful, there are other considerations to ensure you live life well. Making the transition to a senior lifestyle should also involve strategizing about potential financial, medical and family issues.

Westminster Canterbury Richmond is a leader in senior living and regularly holds seminars and one-on-one conversations on putting together a long-term plan. Here are some ideas and tips to get you started:

Finances. While it is important to save for retirement, you will also want to make certain that your money is protected and accessible when you need it. Do an annual check of investments and savings and assess ongoing financial needs. Make certain you have enough cash on hand for an emergency. Meet with an attorney for advanced directives such as durable power of attorney for health care and a living will. Consider which charitable causes you might want to support through a gift in your will.

Healthcare. You may need more healthcare in your senior years so make certain to investigate insurance policies that pay the gap between Medicare and the actual cost of services. Shop plans carefully and realistically assess what you can afford versus what you will likely need. While you’re still healthy, look at all options regarding potential living arrangements should you become ill. There are many facilities, which offer varying levels of care. Visit your top choices and gather all financial information and living preferences. Discuss these with your caregivers and create a list of possibilities.

Home. The place you call home may also have hidden dangers for senior adults. Do an assessment of fall risk hazards including scatter rugs, blocked pathways and stray extension cords. Make certain to include a night plan. Lighting is critical at all times for illuminating dark spots and potential hazards.

Westminster Canterbury Richmond offers information on long-term senior living plans. For more information, please call 1-800-445-9904 or visit

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