Spirituality as Foundation

One’s spirituality creates the foundation of a strong and meaningful life.  The health of our spirit affects many aspects of wellness – your social and emotional wellbeing, your sense of security and purpose.  We believe a healthy spirit is the foundation of a vibrant life.

Spirituality and faith grow whenever a person prioritizes that growth.  And often that means having time to do so.  During our senior years, when pressures have lifted from work, financial achievement and raising our families, we may choose to spend time strengthening those parts of life that matter most to us.  When we face challenges, a strong spirit can help us stay steady and pull through.  What a benefit to look forward to and claim in elderhood! 

At Westminster Canterbury we strive to help people deepen their spiritual lives through a balance of worship, education and fellowship. Our Pastoral Care department chaplains visit with residents and staff frequently, knowing this one-on-one contact is often the most impactful service they offer. In fact, last year, chaplains held 6,000 one-on-one pastoral visits.  Chaplain interns are also an important part of our pastoral care programming.  Students from regional seminaries and universities intern with us, learning from mentors and the many ministry opportunities experienced here.  When these interns leave us to begin their careers, they are well-prepared in meaningful ways. Our internship program is one way that Westminster Canterbury Richmond gives back to the larger community.

Spiritual growth is important to us and many say that spirituality is tangible here.  We’ve prioritized this core part of our missional identity in our current master campus planning.  Exciting news will be coming soon.

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