Staying Connected Promotes Good Health

Here at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, activities are designed to help residents learn the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle and increase the awareness of whole person wellness. We already know that staying physically active offers a variety of health benefits but how can staying socially active help maintain good health as well?

Staying connected and spending time with others can combat the negative effects of social isolation and loneliness. Seniors are especially vulnerable to these issues as they begin to lose family and friends, become physically impaired, or face transportation challenges. Some risks associated with these issues include depression, developing sore joints and weak muscles, increasing blood pressure and developing memory and cognitive problems.

To help residents at Westminster Canterbury Richmond avoid the dangers of social isolation, our wellness and recreation teams create fun and engaging activities every week. Residents can enjoy off-campus excursions, performances in the Sara Belle November Theater, educational and spiritual lectures, resident-led activities such as bridge, croquet and chess, art classes and instructor-led exercise classes. In addition, residents have access to new technology making it easier for them to communicate with each other with their smart devices.

Social engagement is an important dimension of good health and plays a major role in the current and future plans for maintaining and improving the Wellness Program on our campus. We look forward to connecting and interacting with you, helping to make it a happy and healthy New Year.

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