Support Your Passions Well into the Future

Everyone has something they are passionate about. Perhaps it is a place that holds an important spot in your heart, a cause that’s near and dear to you or a charitable organization that you frequently volunteer for.

Did you know that you can ensure your support of your passions continues even after your lifetime? 

You can—with a planned gift. 

Phil Rohrbach and his late wife Camilla have always had an affinity for Westminster Canterbury Richmond. Camilla’s father, James R. Beck, was president of Carneal and Johnson Architects and Engineers. One of his commissions was the original design of our Tower building that opened in 1975. In 2019, Phil shared with the Foundation about his commitment to a gift of $2 million in his trust that will ensure Westminster Canterbury’s Fellowship Program continues to thrive in the future. 

“Camilla and I knew back in the mid-1970s that Westminster Canterbury would be a part of our lives. A few years ago, when we knew that time would not allow Camilla to make that journey, we sat down with our trust officer and attorney and mapped out a philanthropy plan that would make a difference to those organizations that we cherished. Camilla and I took great comfort in having that in place before she went to heaven.”

Make Westminster Canterbury Foundation Part of YOUR Legacy

There are many ways you can ensure your support for Westminster Canterbury continues for years to come. Your gifts to Westminster Canterbury Foundation for the Annual Fellowship Fund, Area of Greatest Need, W·E·A·V·E, Healthcare Excellence, Wellness, Cultural Arts and more can benefit both you and our community in even bigger ways this year! Your plans may offer tax benefits for you and your loved ones.  Read the latest issue of The Lamp to learn more. 

More resources are available at Contact us today at (804) 264-6066 or to learn more or for help finding the perfect way to give that fits your situation. 

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