Technology and Innovation for Seniors

Technology is a huge part of life for all ages, including seniors! Many technology-based solutions allow people to live independently for longer, something more and more older Americans want.

For example, Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing apps are popular with older adults who do not drive any longer but still want and need to travel to their usual appointments and gatherings. Voice technology makes it easier for older adults to communicate and access services as they experience difficulty with their hands and vision. Amazon Echo allows seniors to interact with technology using their voice instead of their hands or through reading. Home automation enables seniors to control lights and thermostats using their voices, lowering the risk of falls and other complications.

At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, nearly every resident who moves to our campus comes with a smartphone or tablet, not to mention countless other smart TVs, smart speakers and other connected devices. We use technology to improve the lives of our residents, especially through K4Connect, solutions designed specifically for senior living. In just six months, the K4Connect app has been installed on more than 250 devices on our campus. Residents use it to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, digital publications and menus. Amazon Alexa technology is integrated to make it easy to use.

A resident-led Technology Committee offers an extensive list of educational courses on everything from iPhone and Gmail to digital photography management, helping residents who may have never used these tools before to become avid users. No matter your age, it’s never the wrong time to learn to try a new app or tool that can make day-to-day life better!

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