Thank You to our Staff

When you walk through the doors of Westminster Canterbury Richmond, it doesn’t take long before you are greeted by a smiling face and warm hello. Everywhere you turn, that warm experience repeats. Hello. Good morning. Have a good day. You find yourself smiling and returning the well wishes to someone you just met. The joy here is contagious. And it all starts with more than 600 employees.

While we intentionally emphasize a positive work culture, our amazing staff have grown our culture into an atmosphere that impacts lives daily. They go beyond the status quo of only showing up for work every day, demonstrating a commitment that is an ongoing reflection of their heart for our residents and each other.

Though large achievements attract fanfare, our staff know it is the small things that often make the biggest difference. Fixing the settings on a resident’s TV matters because watching “their show” brings that person joy. Keeping the floors vacuumed and the walls painted allows everyone to take pride in their home. Caring for the grounds and gardens blooming with flowers provides a lovely place to walk while reflecting on the beauty that surrounds us. A ride from one entrance on campus to another helps our residents stay connected to friends, maintaining important social contacts that are essential to healthy aging. Attending a big band performance in our theater allows a husband and wife to laugh, reminisce and be together despite memory loss. All of these experiences are made possible by employees, those very visible and those behind the scenes, who take pride and pleasure in every detail of their work.

That spirit of generosity is so powerful and moves beyond the boundaries of work. Staff give of their time, talent and finances to help their coworkers and seniors-in-need in greater Richmond. Through Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s W·E·A·V·E (Workforce Education Assistance Volunteerism Engagement) program, our employees and other donors provide funds for tuition to help achieve their life goals, financial assistance if an emergency arises, and volunteer opportunities that help seniors in meaningful ways. These programs are only possible through the generosity of donors who believe in making a difference for our employees!

On Wednesday, December 4, during our annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony, we recognized employees who embody these ideals and excel in caring for our residents and for each other. The 2019 recipients are (clockwise from bottom right) our Hall of Fame recipients Donna Jenkins, Child Development Center; Halima Sebbaj, Housekeeping; Clara Mason, Dining; Marcus Walker, Housekeeping; and Brendan Hayes Appreciation Award recipient Benjamin Lockhart, Dining. Congratulations to our recipients. Join us in thanking them for the incredible work they do to ensure our residents and staff Live Life Well every day.

For more information on W·E·A·V·E and how you can join our staff in nurturing a spirit of generosity, call Leota Parandeh at 804.261.5169.

We are so grateful for our donors! You can support Westminster Canterbury Foundation before the end of the year with your online gift.

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