Thankful Hearts

Relationships – that’s what many of us are most thankful for. Life here at Westminster Canterbury is rich in what matters most – friendships, mutual support, compassion during times of need and moments of shared joy! At a place like this we’re thankful for those whose faithful work and skills make this such a special place to be.

For those who prepare food and serve it – and for those whose hidden work assures our kitchens are spotless and above reproach. For housekeepers who not only clean the public and private spaces – but for the ways they care for those they serve, noting new needs and old preferences. For nursing staff whose skilled care offers healing – and loving arms that comfort those in grief. For teachers whose eyes light up with joy for the children they teach – and who strive to keep learning new ways to guide the little ones in their care. For engineers who fix and repair, who prepare new spaces – and who take time to prevent problems. For builders and renovators who refresh and create. For painters who keep our spaces fresh. For Chaplains who encourage and pray. For creative souls and planners who assure lives are enriched by the joy of music and art. For social workers who guide. For accounting staff who steward our funds. For drivers who carefully transport to and fro. And for the many who, behind the scenes, take care of myriad details. For families whose support undergirds their loved ones. For donors whose selfless generosity makes so much possible.

In any family, there are many roles and many needs. Take the time this Thanksgiving Season to look around – at home, at work, at worship, at play – and give thanks for all those in your life with whom you are privileged to interact and whose lives and work bless yours. From this Westminster Canterbury Richmond family to you and yours, we wish you a very Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving.

Copyright: nikkized / 123RF Stock Photo

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