The Benefits of Generosity

Inspire Generosity! That’s the vision statement of Westminster Canterbury Foundation. Without the generosity of our donors, residents of Westminster Canterbury Richmond would not have the benefit of the outstanding programs offered here. But our residents aren’t the only ones who benefit. In the past decade, study after study has shown that beyond the obvious impact a gift can have on the recipient, the impact can be just as great on the one making the gift. It is, after all, more blessed to give than to receive!

Generosity can have many benefits for our physical, emotional and mental health. Generosity has been known to reduce stress, enhance a sense of purpose, fight depression, increase lifespan, provide social connection and improved relationships, encourage self-confidence and much more. Many of the positive effects of generosity come from the shift in perspective that selfless acts engender. Getting out of our own heads, thinking more about others than ourselves and realizing the need and opportunity to make an impact all around us can drastically change the way we interpret the world and people around us.

Generosity can come in many forms as well, all equally beneficial to both the giver and recipient. Making a gift, volunteering your time or serving on a board are all great examples of generosity that can make a big impact for both parties. And the impact of generosity isn’t just measured quantitatively in dollars or time volunteered, but also qualitatively in the ways that we connect to other people through our generosity. The clearer we see the impact our generosity makes, the more we gain from the experience.

If you are a donor to Westminster Canterbury Foundation, we hope you are well acquainted with the immense power of generosity and its capacity to change lives. If you’d like a clearer picture of how your generosity is making a difference at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, please contact Brandon Lowe, Stewardship Coordinator, at or by calling 804-264-6066.

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