The Fellowship Fund

For more than forty years Westminster Canterbury Richmond has served seniors-in-need through Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program and offered confidential financial aid to over 520 men and women.  Already this year, 106 seniors have been able to call Westminster Canterbury home because of this ministry.

It’s wonderful to know that seniors like George and Abby, who faced financial hardships after her expensive medical treatments for cancer depleted their savings, could move in to a small apartment here with help from the Fellowship Fund.  The Fund provides more than shelter and food, ensuring the best life possible for George and Abby and all the residents who are part of the Fellowship Program.  These residents receive help with medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance, even costly hearing aids.  George’s hearing was so poor that he was missing out on many important experiences, but he couldn’t afford the expensive hearing aids he needed.  The Fellowship Fund helped cover the cost so he can now hear and experience the joy of listening to his great-granddaughter Gilly who is just learning to talk.

Generous donors including individuals, churches, foundations and organizations support this program with annual charitable gifts.  No part of resident fees supports Fellowship.  Through this important program, Westminster Canterbury promises all residents that no one will ever be asked to leave due to an inability to pay through no fault of their own.

*The details in this story have been changed to protect the anonymity of our Fellowship recipients.

To learn more about how to support Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program contact Elizabeth Vaughan at 804-264-6204 or


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