The Westminster Canterbury Way

Everyone here loves serving our residents.

Living at Westminster Canterbury Richmond is a way of life, and we have a special way to make certain our values are honored. Our customer service model is The Westminster Canterbury Way (TWCW), and it guides how staff members treat each other as well as how the residents are treated. It is what makes working and living here both pleasant and enriching.

Our new employees receive a great deal of dedicated training about TWCW when they start, and we keep the training going with additional courses for all employees every year. Our values are our hallmark and we make certain to keep them at all times. CELTICS is the acronym for the values we hold dear and it stands for Caring, Ethics, Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation, Commitment and Stewardship.

We even have an employee recognition program to honor staff and publicly acknowledge their commitment. Each year we showcase five team members as our Hall of Fame winners. They represent the essence of TWCW with an exemplary dedication that goes above and beyond. When we do have challenges, we handle them in a way that comes out well for everyone concerned.

Our organization’s vision is improving the lives of those we serve every day, and to us that starts with a friendly, helpful, mission-focused, people-centered way of being. We smile at one another, greet everyone we see in the hallways, ask what we can do to help, and then respond quickly to requests. How staff reacts on a daily basis soon becomes contagious with benefits to everyone.

Please watch the short video below to hear Manager of Courtesy Services, Rená Robinson, share her thoughts on working in the pleasant environment of Westminster Canterbury and how TWCW defines her role every day.

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