This is my chance to help

When we mention Healthcare Excellence, we are usually talking about the high quality of care Westminster Canterbury Richmond offers our residents in the Mary Morton Parsons Health Center or Assisted Living. It’s true – our Health Services staff provide excellent care. To ensure this, generous donors provide a full-time Clinical Educator and a top-notch Preceptor Program. These make it possible for all Health Services staff to receive ongoing training, both as they join the team and as they encounter new health situations affecting residents.

But perhaps the most important ingredient of Healthcare Excellence is found in the hearts of our staff. Sharon Poznancyzk, Director of Nursing, exemplifies this special ingredient. Sharon is filled with gratitude, and her life overflows with thanksgiving. She calls her employment with Westminster Canterbury, which started on her birthday ten years ago, her birthday gift to herself and the best career move she ever made! Sharon, who knows what it was like to struggle, is grateful for the blessings of her life and is always eager to give back in ways she believes God would want her to do. She says: “I want to make clear that generosity at Westminster Canterbury goes so much deeper than just funds. I saw it the day I drove into work during the peak of COVID-19 to find residents standing outside in the cold with their pots and pans, banging them and yelling ‘Thank you! Thank you!’ as we drove through. It is my boss, Will Blackwell, who sat in the waiting room with me as my husband had heart surgery because he knew I shouldn’t be there alone. W·E·A·V·E (Workforce-Education-Assistance-Volunteerism-Engagement) is important to me for a lot of reasons. I feel blessed in my life, and it’s my chance to help my teammates and help my community.”

When Healthcare Excellence starts with a grateful heart, a drive to help one another and a deep appreciation for the blessings of life, that is excellence of a very special kind. Thank you, Sharon, for exemplifying the best of making a career out of caring – leading and serving from your heart.

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