Vibrancy! Construction News

The Vibrancy! construction project is ramping up quickly. It is our intention to keep you up-to-date and informed. Here is the most recent information.

  • Your safety is of paramount importance. We will be placing Safety Notices and Maps regularly at our Courtesy Desks, on Touchtown Community Apps and Digital Signs and in videos. We ask that you stay alert for these notices and abide by all safety precautions!
  • A map of all construction zones to avoid is included in this memo. Residents, staff and visitors should not attempt to access areas that are fenced off for construction. This is an important safety issue.
  • The pool patio will close on Wednesday, June 1.
  • A portion of the Nature Trail closes Wednesday, June 1.
  • Clearing of trees on the Ellipse will begin Tuesday, June 7, to allow for construction to commence. Significant clearing of trees around the Nature Trail and berm above Highway 95 will begin soon after. These areas will be replanted at the end of the project.
  • The resident parking lot near the Brown Garden is available despite ongoing installations on the roof area.
  • Avalon entrance construction is underway with modified entrance availability. This project is scheduled to conclude in October.
  • Courtyard elevator construction is underway. The Courtyard East doors are closed.
  • Construction of a temporary walkway from the Garden Apartments into the lower level of the Tower is underway. Please stay alert for changes to walking patterns. If you are walking between the Garden Apartments and the Tower, it is recommended that you walk inside, passing the Aquatic Center, and avoid the outside sidewalks.

We realize there is a great deal happening at Westminster Canterbury. Thank you for all the ways you are adjusting and adapting!

Ongoing Updates

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