Volunteer Week!

Our volunteers give generously of their talents.

Walk through the halls of Westminster Canterbury Richmond and you might encounter a gaggle of dogs en route to offer their special brand of love to Healthcare or Memory Support residents. Our pet therapy volunteers and their canine friends, that are specially trained pet therapy dogs, visit often. For residents who no longer have their own pets or regular access to an animal’s unconditional love, their visits are a welcome respite. This is just one of the creative and meaningful ways our residents are giving back.

Community-wide, we are celebrating National Volunteer Week, and the many ongoing initiatives for enhancing the quality of life in the Metro Richmond Area. Here are more of the interesting volunteer activities here:

  • For over 30 years, male members from First Presbyterian Church have visited monthly with Avalon gentleman residents, offering the joy of fellowship, friendship and food.
  • We have resident volunteers that design personalized birthday cards for each healthcare resident and make an extra effort to hand deliver them.
  • Resident volunteers offer spiritual solace to Healthcare residents on a regular basis.

How can you serve? Access your passion and find just the right avenue.

Do you paint? Or perhaps you have always knitted and crocheted. Are books important to your life? Maybe you are considered a tech wizard. Here are some ideas on channeling your creativity as a volunteer:

  • Teach family and friends who have memory challenges to paint their thoughts. Who knows what memories will come forth?
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations are often in need of knitted blankets and hats for residents. Conduct knitting and crochet classes. Enjoy watching others flourish!
  • Become a volunteer visitor to a friend who can no longer see to read. Enjoy a good book together.
  • Help a senior neighbor set up a Skype account. No matter where they are, grandchildren can be only a click away.

For more information on volunteering at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, please contact Kathy Morton at 804-261-5201 or Beth Clifton at 804-264-6258.

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