Welcome Home

Westminster Canterbury Richmond has openings for deserving seniors-in-need from the Richmond area to apply to live on our campus and receive financial aid that provides housing, meals, medical care and enriching programming. Read on to learn more!

Westminster Canterbury Richmond, a life plan community on the north side of Richmond, Virginia, is a very special place.  It is home to more than 800 seniors and a great place for 650 employees to work.  A small town, really, a place where people enjoy a safe and elegant home, savor delicious meals and participate in lives of purpose and enjoyment.  But there is an even more important story that, though we often tell it, many don’t know. 

This is a place of excellence, yes! But it is also a place of compassion.  It is a place many who have enjoyed financial success choose for their elderhood.  It is also a place where people are welcomed who spent their lives doing important service-oriented work that was financially sacrificial.  Teachers, firefighters, missionaries, home makers, caregivers.  Those for whom the circumstances of life cost them their precious savings.  This is a true community where, during elder years, the measures of past achievements blend together to form a generous environment. We practice excellence and compassion in equal measure. 

You see, years ago, even before our opening in 1975, our founders committed to the creation of our Fellowship Program, which is now stronger than ever, thanks to a generous community that still holds this mission dear.  Fellowship provides a generous portion of the cost of housing, meals, medical care and vital living for seniors in financial need.

During these pandemic times, which have had such dire effects on seniors throughout our country, Westminster Canterbury’s excellence is more important than ever.  Our commitment to safe practices and top-quality healthcare has kept our people safe.  While this is critically important to every single resident and employee, it may feel unattainable to those whose incomes offer fewer options for a healthy retirement.

Today, Westminster Canterbury is in a unique place to welcome new residents.  We have a number of smaller apartments available on our campus.  And we have funding available to offer Fellowship Program assistance.  Should you, or a senior you care about from the Richmond area, be searching for your next home, please consider Westminster Canterbury Richmond.  To inquire about availability and start the qualification process, please call Laurie Hemler at 804-264-6419 or email her at lhemler@wcrichmond.org.  To participate in generously providing for seniors-in-need, learn more about Westminster Canterbury Foundation HERE.

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