Westminster Canterbury Richmond Video Update to Residents-March 19, 2020-3 p.m.

Westminster Canterbury Richmond is keeping our residents up-to-date on the latest news related to our COVID-19 response. Hear from our 3 p.m. live update to residents from John Burns, President and CEO; Scott Jonté, Director of Dining; Debra Jacobsen, Administrator Resident Services; and Logan Augustine, Chaplain.

The following updates were shared during the live briefing on TV970.

John Burns

Lots of Richmond friends are helping us secure much needed supplies in this challenging time – our fellow continuing care retirement communities, Medline, Sheltering Arms, ACAC, and more. We are very grateful to them! We continue to seek other sources.

There is a huge number of staff volunteering extra time to help work at the Gatehouse, temperature screenings, dining and other needs. Thank you!

We continue to adapt and improve how we communicate with you. Please refer to The Tales delivered directly to your apartment on March 18 for instructions. Live briefings are available to watch later on TV971, the Touchtown Community Apps, our website www.WCRICHMOND.org, and Facebook. We are also producing written summaries of the briefings (editor’s note: like this one!) for reference for the latest guidelines.

People who were at the theater for Capitol Steps need to self-quarantine until Tuesday morning, March 24. The only exception is that dog owners may take their dog out the door nearest their apartment and then return immediately to their apartment.

If you want to go away for an extended period to stay a second home or with family, please work with your social worker. If you do have to return to campus, you will be under quarantine for 14 days.

If you are just returning to campus from travel, you must quarantine for 14 days.

Please stay in your area of living – Courtyard in Courtyard, Tower in Tower, etc.

Please stay out of the Lower Level of campus for your safety. We have many staff working in these areas. It will protect everyone’s health if residents avoid the Lower Level.

Scott Jonté

Thank you for your patience as we evolve our dining processes!

Residents have not been charged for meals since we began delivering meals directly to apartments.

A new process will be effective Saturday, March 21. Meal prices will be discounted:
• Breakfast-$5
• Lunch-$6
• Dinner-$8
Additional services will be available. Written details will be shared before Saturday.

If we accidentally deliver the wrong items, it may be difficult to get back to swap it out, but please call us. We will deliver meal tickets that include account balances along with meals.

For people who are signed up for Declining Balance meal plans at the $150 or $300, level Accounting will roll any leftover funds to the next month.

Debra Jacobsen

FedEx – There was a delay in FedEx deliveries that has been resolved. Deliveries will start as early as today.

USPS Mail – Thanks to Russell Gardner, CFO, who went directly to the post office to resolve delivery issues. We hope delivery will resume in the next 24 hours. If you have outgoing mail needs and are under quarantine, please call Resident Services at ext. 6082. If you are not under self-quarantine, you may leave your apartment to drop off outgoing mail.

Newspaper deliveries are being made by our Transportation department.

Pharmacy Needs
• Residents should call CVS at ext. 6245
• Resident can pay for their prescription by phone
• CVS will deliver the scripts or OTC meds to the resident’s door
• We will keep residents updated as these plans change

Grocery Orders: Residents can place grocery orders with the Transportation Department (ext. 6263) or email: transportationrequest@wcrichmond.org
• The grocery order needs to be 15 items or less
• There will be an approximate 24 hour turnaround time on all orders
• This is available Monday-Friday
• Residents’ accounts will be charged.

Grocery Deliveries from Family Members
• Family members may deliver groceries for residents every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1-3 p.m., to the Azalea Parking Lot.
• Bags must be labeled with resident names and apartment numbers.
• Drivers will shuttle the groceries for delivery every fifteen minutes during the delivery window.

Residents who are under quarantine, do not have a washer/dryer in their apartment, and cannot wait until their quarantine ends may call Resident Services at ext. 6082 for assistance. If you are not under quarantine, you may leave your apartment to do laundry.

Transportation services are only available for essential medical appointments by calling ext. 6263. Please try to reschedule your appointments as possible.

Logan Augustine

On Sundays at 4 p.m., we will broadcast A Sermon for Every Sunday. Details of Pastoral Care programming will be shared on Touchtown Community Apps and TV971.

“Every being that lives, grows. Each will grow despite harsh conditions and beautify its surroundings. Like a tundra bloom, the most striking and beautiful flower is the one that blossoms despite frigid, brutal conditions.” – Judith Garrett Garrison and Scott Sheperd

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