Westminster Canterbury Richmond Video Update to Residents-March 25, 2020-3 p.m.

Westminster Canterbury Richmond is keeping our residents up-to-date on the latest news related to our COVID-19 response. Hear from our 3 p.m. live update to residents from John Burns, President and CEO; Laurie Youndt, Director of Clinical Services; Debra Jacobsen, Administrator Resident Services; Sherry Grady, Vice President Facilities Management; and Vanessa Perry, Pastoral Care Administrator.

The following updates were shared during the live briefing on TV970.

John Burns

Good afternoon! We have many updates for you regarding the services being offered during this time of self-quarantine. We ask for your patience and understanding. Our priority is keeping you safe, and we are happy to be able to offer these other services as possible.

Library Services
Residents may begin to access the Tower Library and DVD collection in the Arts Studio. Please follow our strict self-quarantine guidelines and practice social distancing. We will share more details on the Spiritual Library tomorrow.

Anyone who checks something out of the Tower Library or DVD collection is asked to keep it for now. Most libraries in the community are extending the due dates, so please keep whatever you check out until a process for returns is announced at a future date. If Courtyard residents want to come to the Tower Library, please go straight there and return to your apartment.

Laurie Youndt

Medical appointments
If residents have an urgent need to see Dr. Cook, Kathy Pack, or Dr. Christensen, please call the Clinic at ext. 6231. The Clinic will begin coordinating appointments based on need. Each person will be called from their apartment to the Clinic individually. Please do not come to the waiting room. We will disinfect exam rooms between use. If you have any flu-like symptoms, you may not come to the Clinic. Clinic staff will come to your apartment to evaluate, and practitioners are willing to make some home visits as needed.

If you need to see one of our Clinic specialists, like Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Seward, please call the Clinic at ext. 6231 to coordinate appointments. If you have emergent dental needs, please contact Dr. Lucas’ office directly. We will manage scheduling of appointments individually beginning on Monday.

It is very important that no one come to the Clinic without calling. The Clinic and waiting room are not open until further notice. The Pharmacy is not open to walk-in traffic until further notice. Please place pharmacy orders by calling ext. 6245.

Debra Jacobsen

Thank you so much for wanting to get thank you cards to our staff. Baskets will be located at the Tower and Center Desks for cards to be dropped into. Whitney Woodruff will coordinate daily pick up, and the cards will be displayed in the Lower Level near the Employee Dining Room for all employees to enjoy.

Grocery Update

Grocery Orders: Residents can place grocery orders with the Transportation Department (ext. 6263) or email transportationrequest@wcrichmond.org
• The grocery order needs to be 15 items or less.
• There will be an approximate 24-hour turnaround time on all orders.
• This is available Monday-Friday.
• Residents’ accounts will be charged.
• Orders are limited to 20 per day. All available order slots for this week are full.
• Grocery shopping is being done at Food Lion. Please be understanding about the lack of availability of certain items.
• Please use the Grocery Delivery from Family Members or Friends option as much as possible.

Grocery Deliveries from Family Members or Friends
• Family members or friends may deliver groceries for residents every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1-3 p.m., to the Azalea Parking Lot.
• It is easiest if the groceries are in brown paper bags. Bags must be labeled with resident names and apartment numbers.
• Drivers shuttle the groceries for delivery every fifteen minutes during the delivery window.

Please remember that Dining is available to deliver meals to your apartment. Call ext. 6259 or email dine@wcrichmond.org to place an order. Thank you for your patience as we work through these challenges.

Mail Updates
For outgoing mail, please continue to use the outside blue USPS mailboxes at the Brown Garden or Avalon entrances. If you do not want to walk outside, you may also leave mail at the Center or Tower Desks to be placed in boxes during the day. Outgoing Mail slots inside the building will remain closed for now. Courtyard mail was delivered today to the Courtyard mailroom. You may pick up your mail there. Please practice social distancing.

Many need for business-related items to be picked up by people in the community, which is becoming a challenge for our staff. Please put your business correspondence in the mail. The Tower Front Desk can assist with postage. This is the fastest and safest way to get important documents to the proper places.

Quarantine Guidelines
Mandatory quarantine – a mandatory 14-day period where one may not leave home, usually due to illness, exposure to someone with COVID-19, or when returning from travel or the hospital. If you need assistance during this time, you may contact Resident Services at ext. 6082, place a work order at ext. 6241 or through WorxHub, or contact your Social Worker.

Self-quarantine – applies to everyone. Residents may ONLY leave their apartment for short periods of time to go outside for exercise, drop off outgoing mail, dispose of trash/recycling, etc. Residents should stay in their area of the campus. If going outside, use entrances in your area of campus. The only exceptions are for the Tower Library and the Resident Computer Room on the Lower Level. Everyone should maintain social distancing of at least six feet from others. Please do not gather in lounges or other public areas that are not being disinfected regularly. Call Resident Services at ext. 6082 if you have questions or concerns.

Sherry Grady

Housekeeping Services
Services will resume on a bi-weekly basis beginning Monday, March 30, as long as there are no new positive COVID-19 cases of residents or staff. Some restrictions:
• Services will be offered on a bi-weekly basis
• Begin services on regularly scheduled cleaning day
• Trash will be handled on a normal schedule
• Residents must leave the apartment for the duration of the cleaning, using the lounge or other approved waiting area during that time frame
• Resident waiting areas will be cleaned after the resident returns to their apartment

Tower Laundry Rooms
Residents have asked about people leaving their laundry in the washers in the Tower Laundry Rooms for an hour or more and whether residents may be permitted to move a neighbor’s laundry. Please do not touch or move anyone else’s laundry. We ask everyone to be mindful of neighbors who may be waiting to use the washer and remove your laundry when the cycle ends.

Dry Cleaning Services
We are working on a plan for dry cleaning services and hope to share that tomorrow.

Paving Update
The paving manager for the City of Richmond says Westbrook Avenue paving should begin at the end of April.

Vanessa Perry

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.—Philippians 4:6

O merciful one, we come to you this day asking for your strength to face the current days ahead. We ask that your continued guidance and wisdom be shown in our leaders here at Westminster Canterbury, in our city leaders, and in all medical staff. We trust that just as you have led your people out of sickness and distress before, you will do it again. For it is in you that we find peace and relief. It is in you that we can find comfort and calm. Let our faith rest in you. We ask all these things in your holy name. Amen.

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