Will You Be a Hero to a Senior-in-Need?

For all her life, Mary cared for others. She contributed to the lives of countless children throughout her career as a public school teacher. When her parents and in-laws needed care, Mary was the one who was there for them.

Mary and her husband lived frugally on their modest income. Then her husband was critically injured. She had to stop working earlier than she had planned in order to care for him. Their modest savings quickly ran out. By the time her husband passed away, Mary had borrowed against their home, and was fighting foreclosure. Once so self-sufficient and independent, Mary needed help but had nowhere to turn. She had no other family. She couldn’t afford to see a doctor or buy medication. Keeping food on the table became a daily struggle.

She had nurtured so many lives. Who would be there to nurture her in her time of need?

Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program provides a lifeline to seniors-in-need like Mary. Through your gifts to the Fellowship Program, more than 100 seniors who would have few other options receive housing, meals, medical care and all aspects of vital living found at Westminster Canterbury. But there are many more who don’t know how they will make it alone. You can be a hero to someone like Mary. Please support the Fellowship Program. With you, we can ensure a safe and secure life for these seniors-in-need.

Through your gifts to Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program, you show that:

  • YOU believe that all seniors deserve a healthy, secure life.
  • YOU believe that no senior should have to choose between secure housing, nourishing meals and medical care, nor face the devastation of social isolation.
  • YOU believe that seniors who have given their lives to serving God and their neighbors deserve security, dignity and peace of mind.

We invite YOU to become a Fellowship hero! For more information, please contact Jeanette Ucci at 804-264-6204 or visit www.wcrichmond.org/foundation

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